G.U.Group Inc.

Innovative ideas and technologies for more free and enjoyable world.

G.U.Group provides cloud tools and solutions, security technologies, and R&D capabilities to respond to the various social changes caused by blockchain.



Simple, fast and easy to use DApps compliant tabbed web browser for desktop and mobile.
It is a safe and secure way to use the Internet, with an emphasis on ad blocking and privacy protection.

lab_product_wallet 1

Ethereum wallet with DApps support.
Google Chrome™ extension version.
User freindly UI, supports account switching.
Can use ERC20 compatible tokens.

lab_product_bcc 1

A first in Japan.
Building a blockchain infrastructure in three easy steps
"Easy and low-cost initial installation for anyone.
Ethereum-compatible blockchain cloud service with functions and security that can be used in the enterprise domain.
Ethereum compatible blockchain construction cloud service.

lab_product_gunet_ja 1

Operation of a leading information dissemination website for the purpose of promoting blockchain technology.
Provides information on Ethereum, NFT, DeFi, and other cryptocurrencies.
G.U. Sandbox Chain, which allows users to experience DApps.


1.Development of Blockchain-related products

1.Development of Blockchain-related products

Development of G.U. Blockchain Cloud, an Ethereum-compatible high-speed blockchain, and OEM provision of various tools such as Lunascape Wallet for ERC20. Support for blockchain development.

2.Operation and technical support of blockchain consortium

2.Operation and technical support of blockchain consortium

Operation and technical support of blockchain consortium by Enterprise domain.
Provide a blockchain consortium with high level of security and fault tolerance.

3.Blockchain consulting

3.Blockchain consulting

A financial expert and an IT expert combine their respective knowledge to provide consulting and solutions for all aspects of DX, with a focus on blockchain.
Provide a full range of services from design to development, from initial implementation support to actual operation.