G.U.Group Inc.

More Free and Enjoyable World

Create a freer and more enjoyable world with innovative ideas and technology.


We aim to create a free and happy society for everyone by combining finance and information through blockchain technology. With rich ideas and solid technology, we are heading towards a new era of digital revolution.


G.U. Group provides blockchain infrastructure and web3 products, aiming to build a new digital society.


G.U. Token Studio

No-Code NFT Shop Building Tool


G.U.Coin Studio

Stablecoin issuance and management system for financial institutions.


Let's spread Japan's blockchain technology to the world together.

At G.U. Group, we base our operations on a global team and collaborate with companies and web3 businesses in Japan and around the world to advance the provision of blockchain and web3 products. We also welcome flexible working styles, such as remote work, and embrace new challenges.


Reach out to us for any inquiries.