Cyberlinks Joins Japan Open Chain as a Validator

Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Hidekazu Kondo), overseeing the consortium for 'Japan Open Chain' — an Ethereum-Compatible L1 Blockchain operated by Japanese companies — is pleased to announce that Cyberlinks Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture; CEO: Tsuneo Murakami) has joined as a validator (blockchain operation partner) in Japan Open Chain.

'Japan Open Chain' is a public blockchain optimized  for business, prioritizing legal compliance and technical practicality. Its adherence to Japanese law and clear operational framework positions it as a trusted blockchain infrastructure for businesses and local governments venturing into web3 business. In addition, the chain boasts full Ethereum compatibility, ensuring high speed, essential decentralization, robust security, and stability.


Current validators for Japan Open Chain include CORGEAR Co.Ltd. (a startup within the Sony Group), Dentsu Inc., NTT Communications Corporation (part of the NTT Group), G.U.Technologies Inc., Minna Bank Ltd., OPTAGE Inc. (a member of the Kansai Electric Power Group), pixiv Inc., and Kyoto University of Art and Design. A total of 21 companies are expected to join as validators. With the recent inclusion of ORIX Bank from the ORIX Group, along with other renowned and trusted companies in Japan joining as validators, our goal is to accelerate the expansion of the Japan Open Chain ecosystem and enhance the network's stability.

◽️ Purpose of Cyberlinks’s Participation as a Validator​​:

Joining the consortium as a co-operator, Cyberlinks will collaborate with fellow co-operators to provide a reliable blockchain for Japanese companies and actively promote the development of Web3 services aimed at addressing social issues

1. Managing and operating the blockchain infrastructure.

  • Validating the legitimacy of transaction data on the blockchain.
  • Technical enhancements to boost security, performance, and stability.

2. Creation of new Web3 services aimed at solving societal challenges

  • Developing strategies for the social implementation of Web3 services.
  • Offering services that facilitate co-creation and the exchange of value without intermediaries.


◽️ Comments

CYBERLINKS CO.,LTD. Director, CIO&CTO Itsunobu Mizuma

DSC_0014Japan Open Chain, a pivotal technology in the web3 era, emphasizes blockchain while preserving decentralization and adhering to domestic laws, which aligns closely with our values. Our company specializes in digitally issuing socially significant certificates, and we believe that employing blockchain technology prevents undue control by intermediaries without sacrificing security. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate as a validator. This role is significant to us as it supports our vision of forging a new society where user sovereignty is safeguarded, alongside ensuring both safety and convenience.

Japan Open Chain Founder Hidekazu Kondo

I am pleased to learn that Cyberlinks has become a part of Japan Open Chain. The digitization of certificate issuance is a crucial aspect of Japan's digital transformation (DX), and the ability to issue various educational qualifications and certifications on Japan Open Chain, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain run by domestic firms, is seen as vital in enhancing the quality of life for all thought the technology.


◽️ Japan Open Chain is a public blockchain optimized for business, emphasizing legal and technical practicality.​​


While numerous blockchain networks exist worldwide, in many cases, the chain's administrator is not transparent and faces significant legal and technical challenges, making it difficult to promote web3 businesses on such platforms. In light of growing concerns about fraud and other risks, there's an increasing demand for blockchains that adhere to national regulations and guarantee secure business transactions.

Japan Open Chain was established to solve those problems. As it is fully compatible with Ethereum, it offers rapid transactions at a low cost, adequate decentralization, and high security and stability. In addition, with reputable Japanese companies onboard as validators, this public chain ensures both legal and technical practicality. This allows individuals and businesses worldwide to advance web3 business on a global scale without concerns.

Japan Open Chain Official Web Site:


◽️ Seeking Collaborators: Join as a Validator for Japan Open Chain

Japan Open Chain consortium is actively seeking participation from domestic companies interested in joining as validators which play a crucial role as co-operators of the chain. We also extend an invitation to any entities interested in exploring business opportunities utilizing Japan Open Chain. For more details and to express interest, please feel free to contact us.

◽️ About Cyberlinks

Cyberlinks Co., Ltd., operating under the brand concept "LINK Smart - Towards an Era of Connectivity without Owning it,"  offers "ShareCloud," a shared-use cloud service designed specifically for industries like food distribution and government agencies. Cyberlinks focuses on four key domains: Distribution Cloud, Government Cloud, Trust, and Mobile Network. Its aim is to lower IT costs and improve management efficiency, thereby contributing to the industry's overall development as a platform. Cyberlinks is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard, under the Securities Code 3683.

【Company Overview】
Representative :Tsuneo Murakami
Established  :May 28, 1964​
Location :: 849-3 Kishimiji-dera, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Capital  874 million yen
URL  :