Japan Open Chain, Exhibit at TOKEN2049, Asia's Largest Global web3/Crypto Conference

Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd. which operates and manages the consortium for the "Japan Open Chain", the public chain for web3 business (Representative: Hidekazu Kondo, hereafter referred to as "our company"), is pleased to announce that it will exhibit at TOKEN2049, Asia's largest global conference for web3 and crypto, to be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on September 13th and 14th, 2023.

TOKEN2049, the web3 and crypto frontline event, is held annually in Singapore and London, where decision makers in the global crypto asset ecosystem exchange ideas and interact. It is a global conference that brings together entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, and people with a strong interest in the crypto asset and blockchain industry.

We will provide a detailed overview of the Japan Open Chain, an Ethereum-compatible blockchain infrastructure operated by a Japanese company as a validator, its usage, stablecoin issuance by financial institutions, projects using the Japan Open Chain by companies and municipalities, and initiatives for the IEO.

■ TOKEN2049URL: 

URL: https://www.asia.token2049.com/
Date: September 13-14, 2023
Location: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore