Ethereum compatible blockchain development cloud service “G.U.Blockchain Cloud” officially launched

First in Japan, Simple 3 Steps to Develop Blockchain, Simple & Low Cost for Anyone” for Introducing

Tokyo, Japan, August 10, 2021 — G.U.Technologies Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daimei Inaba, CTO: Hidekazu Kondo), offering browser technology such as Lunascape and Ethereum wallets service, announced the Japan’s first Ethereum compatible blockchain development cloud service called “G.U.Blockchain Cloud”, with providing the usable functionalities and securities for enterprise domains, has launched today (


When it needs to develop systems using the Ethereum blockchain, there are two alternatives.  The one is using the public chain, the blockchain opened to anybody over the Internet, and the other one is the private chain, the unique blockchain only used by one organization.  It would be a particularly attractive alternative to develop your own blockchain for your company when it comes to think over the facts such as transaction speed, anonymity, trade secret, availability, and so forth.

However, when you like to develop systems using your own blockchain, you need to not only assign a very limited number of blockchain engineers, but also have highly educated knowledge regarding the blockchain.  Hence, generally speaking, it has the issue of costing a lot for development and operation of the private chain after the development.

G.U.Blockchain Cloud has been developed for aiming to solve the above issue and using the Ethereum compatible blockchain, which is becoming to be the world standard blockchain infrastructure, to be “easy and low cost for anyone”.


You can immediately start issuing your own points or developing the NFT related systems by issuing the ERC20 token (currency token) or by issuing the ERC721 token (NFT) on your own blockchain created by the G.U.Blockchain Cloud.  The issued ERC20 token is also acceptable at the Ethereum compatible wallets such as Lunascape Wallet.  The additional technologies such as anchoring on the public related chain technologies to ensure an auditability of private chain, and bringing blockchain interoperability applied by the cross-chain technologies, will be provided on this service later on.  With these technologies, you can develop a highly secured private chain with high speed, anonymity, and auditability.  It is also planning to adopt a public chain and add the endpoint services later on.

Expected use cases

Ethereum blockchain is a new infrastructure with a mechanism as an OS by using distributed databases and smart constructors.  With using the private chain of the Ethereum blockchain, you can develop quite simple and inexpensive for the use cases listed below.

  •                 Develop Infrastructure of NFT
  •                 Stablecoin (Publish Management for Issuing Unique Point of Enterprise or In-house Point)
  •                 Develop Systems Needed Auditability
  •                 Develop Unique Money Transfer System between Enterprises
  •                 Develop Infrastructure of DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
  •                 Develop Digital License Management System
  •                 Sales and Purchase Management of Art Products among Entertainment Field
  •                 Develop Systems for Enhancing Transparency of Music Copyrights Management
  •                 Sales and Purchase Management of Real Estate Digital Platform
  •                 Issue Management of Local Currency
  •                 Traceability Management for Enhancing Credibility of Foods & Raw Material Procurement
  •                 Share and Storage Management of Medical & Health Data
  •                 Develop Infrastructure of Information Sharing during Disaster
  •                 Management and Distribution of Founds or Donations

3 Features of G.U. Blockchain Cloud Feature

Feature 1. Anyone can Start Introduce Easily

It used to be crucial to have the blockchain engineer, who is enormously high wage to pay and extremely rare to exist, to develop the blockchain.  Likewise, it gets easily piled up at the expense of development if the system is complicated enough to prevent fitting the blockchain among societies.  Therefore, we have aimed to develop blockchain for Enterprise without having those blockchain engineers, and have aimed to operate quite easily for anybody else even for the beginning of the development.  We also have been trying to develop with blockchain engineers aiming to obtain the largest community in the world so that we can avoid the vendor lock-in situation,  aiming to be anyone can start the blockchain business easily on the Ethereum protocol, which stated the firm technical standard, and aiming to implement the maximum function with minimal operations.

“G.U.Blockchain Cloud” allows you to take simple 3 steps to introduce the blockchain.  You can start developing the blockchain network with high availability, which has optimized its load balancing over the Endpoint URL.  This chain can be developed immediately, performed and secured well enough to be used as a production environment operation.

Feature 2. Well  Usability and Full Support after Introduction

In the Enterprise domain, it is inevitable to think over the operation after the blockchain development has been finished.  Therefore, “how we can simplify the operation of complicated blockchain networks has been set” as one of the goals of our “G.U.Blockchain Cloud”.  Consequently, it becomes easier to operate and maintain your own blockchain by using the “G.U.Blockchain Cloud”.  We have implemented a considerably easy UI/UX which will grasp the various information (the status of blockchain, CPU of the server, memory, storage, number of peers, node log, and so forth) graphically and intuitively.  Moreover, our support team will not only provide the after support of introduction, but also consult on various matters regarding the blockchain business and development.

Feature 3. Perform in Low Cost

It can also introduce its own blockchain at a low cost to keep a high level of usability.  You can develop and operate your own blockchain at an extremely low price from $48 for the small node.  For the standard configurations of the developing environment, the price would be from $558, and of the production environment, monthly about $1,000 of operation fee to develop and operate blockchain.

This service is expected to start developing and operating the own blockchain for everyone.  We would like you to start operating NFT as a test, invent the new business development, or use it as a part of DX reorganization with our “G.U.Blockchain Cloud”.  The above idea makes us set the price low.  Please give it a try to experience our service.

Provide G.U.Sandbox Chain Service for Explore Blockchain Development Easily

We have provided the Testnet and the contents called G.U.Sandbox Chain for developers who are interested in developing the blockchain to experience the blockchain development immediately.  You can obtain a free token to explore the Sandbox for a limited period.  You will find it so easy to operate even though you do not have advanced knowledge regarding blockchain.  You will also find our UI/UX which has pursued usability of confirming various information such as status of the blockchain, CPU of the server, memory, storage, number of peers, node logs, and so forth.  Please do not miss this opportunity to experience (


There are several Testnet environments existing in the world, but there is no such a sandbox chain in Japan.  It has also prevented Japanese engineers from using such environments because there is not much information released in Japanese.  To spread blockchain technologies in Japan, we will keep releasing the information in Japanese, which includes infrastructure you can use in Japanese.