Wallet and Community Management Solutions by Metasky Now Available on Japan Open Chain

Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd. (CEO: Hidekazu Kondo), which oversees the operation and management of the Ethereum-Compatible Layer1 Public Blockchain 'Japan Open Chain (JOC),' is pleased to announce the successful integration of web3 wallet, NFT, and community management solutions provided by Metasky (Headquarters: Singapore) on Japan Open Chain.

Metasky has been recognized as a certified business operator within the "JOC Development Partner Program," a support initiative for businesses launching web3 ventures on Japan Open Chain. This positions Metasky as a strategic partner in enhancing the customer experience for companies that offer services on Japan Open Chain. Both organizations are committed to further collaboration in the advancement of the web3 domain.


◽️ Background

By utilizing Metasky's solutions, companies venturing into the web3 space can effortlessly create web3 wallets and efficiently manage NFTs. Additionally, businesses can offer seamless access to web3 services and provide users with customizable options. Metasky acts as a vital partner to businesses on Japan Open Chain, helping businesses enhance the customer experience by deepening the engagement between companies and their users.

The primary features of Metasky include:

Account Management Suite - Skywallet

  • Creation of Wallets
  • Sign up using email or phone number
  • Integration with existing wallets like MetaMask
  • Support for white-label solutions
  • An API suite for wallets to integrate natively with existing applications.

NFT and Digital Assets Management Suite - Skywallet, Studio

  • Creation of NFTs
  • Compatibility with standard blockchain tokens such as ERC721 and ERC1155
  • Advanced feature support including unlockable content, mechanisms for burning and revealing, and gamification of NFTs
  • Implementation of NFT campaigns
  • Provision of tickets, membership and loyalty programs, Proof of Attendance Protocols (POAPs), discount coupons, phygital items, lotteries, and NFT checkout options (supporting local currency/card payments and any on-chain token)

Marketplace Platform Creation Suite - Metasky studio

  • Simplified creation of custom marketplaces on the blockchain
  • Customization of marketplace UI to align with brand identity
  • A management dashboard for overviewing browsing, permissions, payments, and assets

Token Gating and Monetization Suite - Skyclub

  • Gated Discord channels and NFT channels
  • Online and offline experiences offered as utilities exclusively to specific holders
  • Gated live streams and chat rooms for NFT holders
  • Opportunities to gamify, monetize, and recognize the top 1% of the community

Community Tooling and Engagement Suite - Metasky studio

  • A dashboard for creating, announcing, and managing community engagement rewards (bounties)
  • Capabilities to import and export existing user databases for launching exclusive bounties/campaigns
  • Tools to analyze data within the admin dashboard to pinpoint the most engaged community members
  • Customized rewards and incentives based on performance/engagement
  • Access to Skyclub partners and their communities

This partnership is poised to assist companies in deploying web3 services on Japan Open Chain and it would facilitate smoother business expansion into the web3 domain. Through such collaborations, we aim to foster the growth and widespread adoption of blockchain technology in Japan and support the digital transformation of companies.

◽️ “Japan Open Chain” is a public blockchain optimized for business, emphasizing legal and technical practicality.


Japan Open Chain (JOC) is an Ethereum-compatible Layer1 Public Blockchain operated by leading companies including CORGEAR, a startup within Sony Group, NTT Communications from NTT Group, Dentsu, TIS, and other prominent and reputable companies. The chain focuses on legal and technical practicality, making it the most suitable public blockchain for business use cases. Designed as a fully Ethereum-compatible blockchain infrastructure, it enables anyone in the world to use it confidently, safely, and affordably. It is particularly ideal for applications in the financial and business sectors.

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【Main Features】

  • Operated safely and securely by Japanese companies.
    • Validators consist of companies that have passed appropriate screening.
    • Operating in compliance with Japanese law, providing a clear legal basis.
  • Ethereum fully compatible chain utilizing PoA (Proof of Authority)
    • Fully compatible with Ethereum, allowing for the use of Ethereum protocol-developed tools and smart contracts as-is.
    • The Proof of Authority (PoA) algorithm achieves a balance between decentralization and scalability, incorporating practical considerations into its design.
    • Provides high security performance thanks to adequate decentralization, network stability and controllability, and is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Optimal Design for web3 Business with Fast and Affordable Fees
    • Achieves processing speeds tens of times faster than the Ethereum mainnet.
    • Fees for issuing NFTs are less than 1 yen per transaction.
    • Eliminates settlement risk through deterministic finality.
  • Projects by Large Corporations and Local Governments Underway
    • Financial DX projects through the issuance of Japan-based stablecoins by banks.
    • Various NFT projects by local governments, including "Digital Citizen Certificates".

◽️ About Metasky

Metasky offers an innovative solution that enables businesses deploying web3 services to simultaneously achieve community engagement and monetization. By leveraging this platform, companies can offer users a compelling and customizable experience through gamified rewards and NFTs with unique features. Metasky's suite of products aids in cultivating deep relationships with users and unveils new revenue opportunities, thus encouraging the evolution of business models in the web3 era.

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【Company Overview】

Company Name :Metasky PTE. Ltd. 
Representative  :Prakhar Sharma
Established        :November 2021
Location :160 ROBINSON ROAD, #14-04, Singapore Postal 068914
Business :Loyalty liquidity and web3 infrastructure
URL   https://metasky.me