Japan Open Chain forms a Strategic Partnership with Web3 Development Infrastructure 'Bunzz'

〜 Offering One-Stop Support from Planning and Consulting to Development and Deployment on the Blockchain〜

Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd. which operates and manages the consortium of 'Japan Open Chain', a public chain fully compatible with Ethereum operated by Japanese companies, has formed a strategic partnership with Bunzz pte ltd, the provider of the web3 development infrastructure 'Bunzz'.



The social implementation of web3/blockchain businesses is currently expanding, with an increasing number of Japanese enterprises and local governments actively exploring new ventures that incorporate web3 and blockchain technologies. However, the specialized knowledge and technical requirements of web3 are not yet widely understood. This gap has resulted in a shortage of expertise in onboarding, implementation, and service operation for many projects.

To address this, we have established a comprehensive support system for projects entering the web3 space. This is achieved through the collaboration of our 'Development Partner Program', a program dedicated to supporting web3 business implementation, and 'Bunzz for Enterprise', which is a Bunzz's enterprise-focused plan. Within this framework, Bunzz will offer consulting and technical support for system development during the business launch phase of web3 projects, and our company will provide the blockchain needed for deploying these projects.

Furthermore, we have designated the Japan Open Chain as the official deployment chain for Bunzz's smart contract modules. This integration extends to system-level collaboration, ensuring a seamless operational synergy.


Comment from Bunzz CEO, Kenta Akutsu

I am delighted that we have been able to form a partnership with Japan Open Chain, a domestic public blockchain with its impressive track record. Recently, there has been increasing momentum in the web3 domain within Japan, and as Bunzz, having started our enterprise plan, we have been eager to provide significant value. We believe the core value of Bunzz lies in simplicity of implementing web3-focused technology stacks, especially in the realm of smart contracts. However, the full potential of our offerings can only be fully realized with a trustworthy blockchain for deployment. This is why our partnership with Japan Open Chain is so pivotal and ideal.

Comment from Hidekazu Kondo, Representative of Japan Blockchain Foundation Co., Ltd.

I am convinced that Bunzz's web3 technology stack, with its focus on smart contracts, is an essential for the future evolution of the web3 world, and I am sincerely pleased that we at Japan Open Chain can form a strategic partnership with them. I am looking forward to creating services together that will originate from Japan and make a significant impact on the global web3 world.


◽️Japan Open Chain is a public blockchain optimized for business, emphasizing legal and technical practicality.


▼ Main Features

  • Operated safely and securely by Japanese companies.
    • Validators are companies that have passed appropriate screening.
    • Operations comply with Japanese law, providing a clear legal basis.

  • Ethereum fully compatible chain utilizing PoA (Proof of Authority)
    • Fully compatible with Ethereum, allowing for the use of Ethereum protocol-developed tools and smart contracts as-is.
    • The Proof of Authority (PoA) algorithm strikes a balance between decentralization and scalability, taking into account practical considerations in its design.
    • Provides high security performance thanks to adequate decentralization, network stability and controllability, and is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Optimal Design for Web3 Business with Fast and Affordable Fees
    • Achieves processing speeds tens of times faster than the Ethereum mainnet.
    • Fees for issuing NFTs are less than 1 yen per transaction.
    • Eliminates settlement risk through deterministic finality.

  • Projects by Large Corporations and Local Governments Underway
    • Financial DX projects through the issuance of Japan-based stablecoins by banks.
    • Various NFT projects by local governments, including "Digital Citizen Certificates".

< Validators (Blockchain Operating Partners) >

Currently, the operation is jointly managed by eight companies: Cogia Corporation, a startup within the Sony Group; Dentsu Inc.; NTT Communications Corporation; G.U.Technologies Inc.; Minna no Bank Ltd.; Optage Inc.; Pixiv Inc.; and Kyoto University of the Arts. The aim is to eventually operate with a sufficient level of decentralization by involving 21 companies.
Current validators for Japan Open Chain include CORGEAR Co.Ltd, a startup within the Sony Group, Dentsu Inc., NTT Communications Corporation G.U.Technologies Inc., Minna Bank Ltd., OPTAGE Inc., pixiv Inc., and Kyoto University of Art and Design.
We aim to have a total of 21 companies to join as validators to secure adequate decentralization.

Japan Open Chain Official Web Site:https://www.japanopenchain.org/en/

◽️About Bunzz pte ltd

'Bunzz' is a platform that makes 'smart contracts', essential for system development in blockchain-related businesses, easily accessible. Currently, over 15,000 web3 developers are using Bunzz, and more than 4,500 web3 projects have been deployed on the blockchain through Bunzz, generating one of the largest traffic volumes in Asia as a smart contract-focused infrastructure.

▶︎Enterprise Plan 'Bunzz for Enterprise' Special Website:https://enterprise.bunzz.dev/ja

Company Overview
Company Name: Bunzz pte ltd
Location: 18 Robinson Road, #20-02 18 Robinson, Singapore 048547
Representative: Kenta Akutsu
Established: May 2022
Business Description: Operation of the web3 development infrastructure 'Bunzz'
URL: https://bunzz.dev